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Fashion Shootings

This page shows some of my fashion collections that are all designed and made by myself within my bachelor studies. The photo shoots are planned and organized by me and in some cases I was also in front of or behind the camera as the photographer.


This collections is called 'eclipse' and was inspired by the different phases of depression.

Each outfit has multiple elements, multiple functions and can be styled differently with laces and buckles, so you have many ways to wear and combine these pieces.

For this collection I experimented with different fabrics, textures and details to get that typical 'Techwear' feeling.

A very important role is played by an old parachute, which can be found again and again in the individual outfits, as we all need a parachute to safe us from falling into that dark hole that depression can be.

Mesh Vanilla (62 von 98)_edited.png

This collection is inspired by the song 'Who you really are' from 'Sherlock BBC Series 4' and the theme of "Memento Mori," which is also a subject of the Sherlock series.

Because of the transience and fragility of this subject, I decided to design a couture collection combined with elements of the British period of industrial revolution. It was especially important to me to include the typical Sherlock Holmes pattern in some outfits and also the beauty of corsets.

Every part of this collection, also the corsets are made by myself during my bachelor studies.

Claire (70 von 88)_edited.png
Mesh Vanilla (23 von 98).jpg
Claire (44 von 88)_edited.jpg
Mesh Vanilla (33 von 36)_edited.png
Mesh Vanilla (33 von 36)_edited.jpg
Mesh Vanilla (10 von 66)_edited.jpg
Mesh Vanilla (21 von 36).jpg
Mesh Vanilla (23 von 42)_edited.jpg

LPJ Fine Art Stylistic Award


This outfit was the entry for the Marc O'Polo and LPJ contest, with which my team and I won first place. We were given certain recycled materials to work with.

The inspiration for this outfit was 'Polar Space'.

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