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To book your appointment for a tattoo please read the following carefully
to make the process for everyone as easy as possible.

Please keep in mind that answering your message can take some time.
You can text me in English or German.

Künstler, der Tätowierung macht

Booking Process

To boook a tattoo appointment with me, please send a description of your project, placement on your body (with clear photo of the area), reference pictures of tattoos, drawings, photography... as well as an approx size in cm and your budget if any.
Please note that I can't give you any price estimation

without the information above.

After the date for the appointment has been agreed,

a DP (down payment) will be required

for the reservation and design development. 
The DP represents a portion of the total tattoo price

and is not refundable.

Ready for your new Tattoo?

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