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Art and Grafik Design

This page shows my own art projects as well as some smaller commissioned work in graphic design, layout and photography.

I love learning new techniques and continuing to explore my creativity. The following works were created with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Procreate.

Wanna Do 47.jpg

Art Projects

Sailor_moon_Girl_Sticker Kopie.png
Headless_Sticker Kopie.png
Cat_love_Sticker Kopie.png
Vampir für portfolio.png

Merchandise Sticker Designs

Beach Towel Design

Riot Shop Example-01.png
Logo example.png
Riot Fashion Hangtags red.png
Color Chart.png

Online Shop Example for a Fashion Brand

Logo Draft, Hangtag and Color Scheme

Neat Pattern

Print Design

Projektblatt Dollo Allgemein.jpg
Projektblatt Dollo Allgemein2.jpg

Project Sheet Layout for Humedica 2020

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